It’s been a while that I’ve done a Microsoft certification exam. Just recently Microsoft released their new role-based certifications for Dynamics 365 and I decided to take a shot at them.

At the time of writing, the role-based certification exams are still in BETA and as a result, finding the right training material was a bit tricky. In this blog post I share my preparation notes (which are basically links to the relevant topics). In the past I was heavily using DLP (Dynamics Learning Portal) to prepare for an exam but I get the feeling that Microsoft is stepping away from DLP and going for a more open (and modern) learning platform, Microsoft Learn. I can only encourage this move and see more training material to be added there in the future. Be sure to check it out!

When preparing for an exam, I always take a detailed look at the topics covered in content section. They are the baseline used in this blog post. I advice you to create your own trial environment and to actually perform the steps you have learned. Hope it helps you in preparing for the exam.

Skills meaured in MB-200

Perform Discovery, Planning, and Analysis (5-10%)

Create and Validate Documentation

Perform continuous collaboration with customer

Manage user experience design (20-25%)

Create and Configure Apps

Create and Configure Templates

Create and manage processes

Manage Entities and Data (15-20%)

Modify an existing data mode

Import and export Data

Manage Data

Implement Security (5-10%)

Configure security in Office 365

Configure security settings

Implement Integration (15-20%)

Configure Outlook add-in

Configure email integration

Integrate with Office 365

Create, configure, and maintain Microsoft Flows

Perform Solutions Deployment and Testing (25-30%)

Manage environments

Manage applications

Perform system administration

Perform quality assurance

Manage solutions

Good luck!

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